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The Head-dress of a Woman from the Middle Ages

by gold on Apr.06, 2010, under Uses

the-head-dress-of-a-woman-from-the-middle-agesIn the Middle Ages this style of head-dress was worn by noblewomen. This head-dress is a replica. It is in three parts - the veil, crespines (hairnet) and golden cap. The crespines are made of gold braid with small gold flowers, and the netting is decorated with glass beads. Gold lace trims the border around the top edge of the crespines.

The crespines are attached to a golden cap that fits snugly on the head. This cap is not typical mediaeval headwear, the crespines would normally have been attached to a narrow band of material or metal that sat on the head like a crown. This was called a fillet or coronet and it would have extensions on either side forming the top of the crespines.

Flattering veils that framed the face were very popular in the Middle Ages. This veil is semi-circular in shape, with the straight edge falling on either side of the face and the curved edge brushing the top of the shoulders. It is made of two layers of white translucent material; one is shorter than the other and stops at the back of the neck while the other drops below. The veil is attached to the back of the cap, but in the Middle Ages it would have been secured by the fillet. —

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